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Be Green with our energy efficiency and eco-friendly plans and programs

"BE Green" with Eco-Friendly Services from Bounce Energy

Interested in developing a green lifestyle, but not sure where to start? Let Bounce Energy help you "go green" with practical programs that improve your energy efficiency and show your love for the environment.

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We provide green plans using 100% renewable energy, competitive prices, and eco-friendly programs that benefit your bill and the planet.

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Bounce Energy's Weekly Usage Email can show you exactly when you're using the most energy.

Weekly Usage Emails

Even if you're not opted in our Bounce Back Energy Savings program, you can still receive Weekly Usage Emails. Each week, we email your estimated kilowatt-hour (kWh) usage to you to provide a better idea of how much energy you use and when you're using it. Our weekly usage email features: the daily average estimated cost of kWh usage, a look at your month-to-date kWh usage, a billing estimate based on your usage trends, a daily view of your usage with a temperature chart, and a collection of energy efficiency tips to help you save money on your electricity bill.

Power your home with 100% green energy from Bounce Energy

Make It Green

If you're locked into a fixed-rate contract and cannot switch to a green energy plan right now, you have the option to "Make It Green." With this program, you can donate an extra $5 to your bill to buy renewable energy credits (REC's), which help increase the percentage of renewable energy on the Texas electricity grid. Bounce wants to give you an easy way to go green even if you didn't sign up for a green energy plan. Imagine how much green energy we could generate if every Bounce Energy customer decided to "Make It Green."

Bounce Energy's Paperless Billing program makes it easy for our customers to go green!

Paperless Billing

Sign up for paperless billing and fully manage your account online. You can view your bills as a PDF (and even print them out if you needed to) as well as pay your bill online. By signing up for paperless billing and Auto Bill Pay, you've successfully cut out the monthly paper cost and help us become more green and energy efficient in the long run!

Easily go green with Bounce Energy's Auto Bill Pay.

Auto Bill Pay

Speaking of bills, you can now make them green without costing you a additional cent! Opt into Auto Bill Pay, and you won't have to mail your payment every month. This will save you the time, cost, and gas it normally takes to mail your payment. And with this service, you won't have to worry about late payments once since the payment will draft out at the same time every month.

Bounce Back Energy Savings

Bounce Back Energy Savings

If you're already an energy-efficient person when it comes to the electricity at your home, consider signing up for Bounce Back Energy Savings. Through this program, we reward you for conserving energy during a "Peak Event." When you opt into this program, we'll send you alerts via email and text message to remind you to reduce your usage when a "Peak Event" happens. And if confirm that you lowered your energy use enough, you'll receive a 5% bill discount on your next electricity bill. We reward you for something you're already doing!

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